Create a Legacy Learning Experience

By James Alan Sturtevant

I teach curriculum design to future educators. Each semester, I conduct an interesting experiment. Students speculate about how they would perform if they were forced to retake last semester’s finals.

“Could you match your performance?” I’ll ask.

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To Assign Homework … Or Not?

By Elizabeth Jorgensen

As teachers, we value work/life balance. It makes us better practitioners. 

At work, we:

  • collaborate with colleagues
  • assist students
  • plan lessons
  • contact parents
  • write letters of recommendation
  • teach
  • attend IEP meetings
  • provide feedback on student work
  • and more!


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Engaging Students With Inexpensive Supplies

By Casey Ewy

So many times, as an educator, I get caught up in the "big wow" of a lesson. I plan for days to develop an amazing hook, a captivating activity, and an engaging way to assess progress. I find myself overwhelmed, burned out, and exhausted by the day-to-day wow-ness of it all.


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Dear Educators, How Deeply Are We Listening?

By Sarah Strong

The Difficulties We Face

The challenges at our school echo throughout my Twitter feed and through my many conversations with educator friends who are expressing a new depth of hurt and challenge this year about our student communities.

It's gotten me thinking about how we listen...

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Simple Classroom Space Changes That Make a World of Difference

By Karen Terwilliger

When deciding to set up learning centers, teachers might feel they need to make a huge change in the look of the classroom for it to work. They might feel like the task is too big and takes too much time to do.

These limiting thoughts might discourage teachers from even...

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Become a Guide on the Side with Student Learning Centers

Too often, when I walked into secondary classrooms as an instructional coach or leader, I was disheartened to find students sitting in rows, not truly engaging with the material being presented.

It was evident that the teachers loved their content and some students loved...

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Teaching with Compassion: Tools for creating magnificent days

Magenta is bold, it’s vibrant, and the color holds noble qualities. 

Teaching in Magenta means creating magnificent days. This post provides a refreshing approach to teaching that puts your joy and well-being first so you can share those attributes with your students.


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Getting To Know Your Students: Searching For the Spark In Each One

 Teachers often get swept up in student achievement. That’s totally understandable. It’s one of our primary jobs. But teachers also have an obligation to foster student passion. When students pursue their passion, their spark, they’re engaged.

That spark is hidden in some...

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