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Known for the internationally-regarded Hack Learning, Hack Learning Life, and Lead Forward Series, Times 10 is an independently owned boutique publisher. Our proprietary problem-solving formula helps educators and people in all walks of life easily solve some of their biggest problems. Meet our amazing team below and browse our library here.

Mark Barnes is a longtime educator, author, and Founder and President at Times 10 Publications. After writing six professional learning books for three different companies, Mark envisioned a different kind of education publisher, so he founded Times 10--books that provide practical solutions that busy educators can read today and use tomorrow.

During his 23 years as a language arts teacher in Lyndhurst, Ohio, Mark focused on giving students meaningful feedback, rather than traditional grades. His no-grades classroom inspired him to launch the Teachers Throwing Out Grades Facebook group in 2013--a place where more than 12,000 educators from dozens of countries around the world discuss best practices in assessing learning.

Connect with Mark here on LinkedIn and @markbarnes19 on Twitter (X).

Regina Bell is the project manager for Times 10 Publications, where she jumps in from the very beginning of the authors’ adventures with Times 10 and guides them through each phase...from the creative process to editing, design and publishing. 

As a developmental editor with Times 10, she calls on her grammar police superpowers and 35+ years as a freelance writer and editor and college English teacher to help create amazing books that share a story and make a difference. Some people call her picky...she prefers detail-oriented. 

When not old-school editing with a blue pen or running a Zoom call, Regina loves to travel, write about the inevitable adventures and hike anywhere. At this moment, she has a children’s book, nonfiction book and historical fiction book in the works. She’d love to connect with you on LinkedIn!

Jennifer Jas is Senior Editor at Times 10 Publications, where she shepherds books from idea to published work. She is a professional editor, proofreader, and writer who has worked on virtually every project ever produced by Times 10. Through her nonfiction editing service, Words with Jas, she loves to help authors and organizations share their books and messages with the world brilliantly and accurately. She has edited dozens of nonfiction books plus thousands of other projects including blogs, presentations, marketing materials, and website content.

Jennifer also runs barefoot on trails and writes haiku poetry, which you can find on Twitter (X) @jas_jennifer. Learn more about Jennifer’s work on

Steve Plummer is the Lead Designer at Times 10 Publications. He has been in the book design industry for more than 15 years. Steve has designed the interior pages for every paperback, hardcover and eBook published by Times 10. He works for large and small publishing companies around the U.S. and says of his craft, “The goal of creating a beautiful book is to give the reader a sense of quality and a lasting impression.”

When not designing books, Steve enjoys golf and exercise. In 2012 he rode a bicycle from coast to coast as an adventure and supported his trip by designing books along the way (now that’s how you hack learning and physical fitness). Learn more about Steve’s work at

Tarah Threadgill is an editor at Times 10 Publications, with a focus on developmental work and copy editing. In addition to over a decade (and counting!) of full-time teaching in secondary English classrooms, Tarah loves collaborating with authors in the early stages of publication to hone manuscripts so they reflect the greatest quality and impact. 

In addition to her work with Times 10, Tarah is a contract developmental editor and copyeditor for dozens of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry manuscripts. No matter the genre, Tarah prides herself in tackling each project with creativity and compassion. 

When she's not in her classroom or editing a manuscript, Tarah enjoys her own creative writing life. To date, she's published short stories and poems in several literary magazines and is currently working on a full-length novel manuscript. You can connect with Tarah via LinkedIn.

Michelle M. White is an award-winning book designer with a passion for helping authors change the world by producing top-quality books that get noticed. She has designed hundreds of books over the past two decades, combining her love of reading and creative style to design powerful covers with bespoke interiors.

Originally from Wisconsin, Michelle lives in South Florida where she and her husband raised their three now-grown kids. In addition to reading, Michelle enjoys nature walks, beach time, and travel, and she relishes every moment with her beautiful grandchildren. 

Learn more about Michelle’s work at, and connect on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Lauren Barnes is an illustrator and honors art student in Ohio. Lauren sketched the cover and interior images for Teaching in Magenta (Times 10, 2020) and is currently working on new projects. She enjoys theater, show choir, and spending time with family and her cat, Jackie.

The Hack Learning Series

In 2014, Times 10 publisher Mark Barnes had an idea about three big problems in schools that he felt could be easily fixed. What they needed was the perspective of a hacker–someone who viewed its underlying issues through a different lens. Mark wrote a short blog post identifying three problems and included a few very easy fixes.

The post sparked thoughtful discussion, and readers suggested that schools have more concerns like the ones in the blog post–enough perhaps for a book.

Some time later, one short blog post turned into the first book in the Hack Learning Series, Hacking Education: 10 Quick Fixes for Every School

#HackLearning: It’s What You Can Do Tomorrow.

The Hack Learning Life Series

In the tradition of our popular Hack Learning Series for educators, Hack Learning Life brings Times 10's globally-renowned problem-solving formula to books for people in all walks of life. Learn how to live a long, happy life, be your healthiest self at any age, start a successful business, cope with grief, and much more. 

#HackLearning: It’s What You Can Do Tomorrow.

LeadForward Series

Stories & Strategies from Teachers and Leaders. Lead Forward books bring real stories about best practices in classroom, school, and district leadership from in-the-trenches leaders, who provide strategies you can use today to create and bring stories, similar to the ones you read in the books, to your own space immediately.