Times 10 Publications produces books about teaching and learning, including the wildly popular Hack Learning Series, the Lead Forward Series, and other inspiring books for educators, parents, and school leaders.


Who are we?

Times 10 is a small, independent education publisher, committed to providing real solutions to the real problems teachers and leaders face daily. Founded by longtime teacher Mark Barnes, Times 10 works with some of the most respected educators and thought leaders in the world. They bring centuries of combined experience, working with students of all ages in all subjects. Times 10 is on a mission to revolutionize education by providing a platform for incredible projects that few people know about, while giving a voice to great educators who do the heavy lifting, away from the spotlight.

Founder & Publisher

Mark Barnes is a 23-year classroom teacher, author, international presenter, and the Founder of Times 10 Books. After writing six books for three different publishers, Mark began work on the Hack Learning Series in 2014. He envisioned a different kind of education book, so he founded Times 10, in order to create a unique team and maintain an active role in every project.

Six months later, Times 10 published the fourth book in the series, and the #HackLearning movement exploded around the world. There are now dozens of books in the series with more on the way.

Mark taught English Language Arts in middle school and high school. He also taught adult education through two Ohio colleges for seven years. Connect with Mark on Twitter @markbarnes19.

The Hack Learning Series

In 2014, Times 10 publisher Mark Barnes had an idea about three big problems in schools that he felt could be easily fixed. What they needed was the perspective of a hacker–someone who viewed its underlying issues through a different lens. Mark wrote a short blog post identifying three problems and included a few very easy fixes.

The post sparked thoughtful discussion, and readers suggested that schools have more concerns like the ones in the blog post–enough perhaps for a book.

Some time later, one short blog post turned into the first book in the Hack Learning Series, Hacking Education: 10 Quick Fixes for Every School

#HackLearning: It’s What You Can Do Tomorrow.

LeadForward Series

Stories & Strategies from Teachers and Leaders.
Lead Forward Series books bring real stories about best practices in classroom, school, and district leadership from in-the-trenches leaders, who provide strategies you can use today to create and bring stories, similar to the ones you read in the books, to your own space immediately.

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