Hacking Life After 50

10 Ways to Beat Father Time and Live a Long, Healthy, Joy-Filled Life

James Sturtevant & Mark Barnes

Father Time is running scared, because life after 50 just got hacked!

After-50s life used to be overwhelming. It made people think their best years were gone, even when they felt great and had a lot more to give.  

Hacking Life After 50 shares 10 strategies you can use today to live a long, happy, joy-filled life and keep Father Time on the run.

After-50s Club members and health and fitness practitioners Sturtevant and Barnes show you how to:

  • Create purpose in life’s Act II
  • Build momentum regardless of age
  • Master meal planning without sacrificing the foods you love
  • Reclaim muscle, prevent injuries, and prolong functional movement
  • Discover simple acts that promote healthy, happy living
  • Sleep better than ever, improving cellular health and longevity
  • Dabble in the exciting unknown
  • Thrive now, tomorrow, and forever

Take the first step to making life’s Act II the best it can be. Read Hacking Life After 50 now.


Readers love Hacking Life After 50!

The "Hack Learning" books have been incredibly helpful to me as a teacher, and I have come to rely on the easy-reading style of Mark Barnes and his team of talented writers and educators. This book uses the tried and true outline of the other books and offers 50 useful and interesting ways to live life to the fullest at age 50 and beyond. If you're looking for those little edges that can make the difference between good and truly great days, weeks, months, and experiences, then check out this book. You'll find plenty to enjoy!

-T. McQuade

The authors offer practical advice from their research and from their own experience about ways to increase the odds of leading the healthy, full lives for as long as possible. Even if the information isn't new to you, we all have more good information than we're actually applying. I found the authors' winsome tone inviting and motivating--gently encouraging those who find a given area particularly challenging, while sharing personal delight in their own growth, and infusing the whole thing with humor. (I laughed out loud at their description of how metabolism works!)

-Kim Essenburg


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