100 Paths to Joy and Well-being for You and Your Students

James Alan Sturtevant

Illustrated by Lauren Barnes

What does it mean to teach in magenta?

Magenta is bold, it’s vibrant, and the color holds noble qualities. Teaching in Magenta means creating magnificent days.

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It’s a refreshing approach to teaching that puts your joy and well-being first so you can share those attributes with your students. Veteran teacher and author James Sturtevant shares 100 paths for living and teaching in an authentic, enthusiastic, and relevant way. Gain energy and ideas around:     

  • Compassion
  • Optimism
  • Balance
  • Adaptability
  • Contentment

Find renewed joy in teaching, and soon your students and colleagues will notice how refreshingly magenta you have become.


Customer Reviews

As an Educator looking toward this school year with so much uncertainty, the one thing I am certain of is that students will be craving connection and engagement in the classroom! James Sturtevant's Teaching in Magenta: 100 Paths to Joy and Well-being for You and Your Students is the perfect companion to spark engagement and bring life back into the classroom. 

Jim Sturtevant has put together 100 daily ideas (paths) organized under 5 qualities that every veteran and inspiring teacher should examine and use. Starting with the title he explains the meaning of what the color Magenta is to him and why he used it. It shows that Mr. Sturtevant is more than merely the the presenter of a lesson each day. He is about life and relationships. Each of the paths is only 1 page long or less and gives the teacher 1 quality to work on each day and each comes with a very unique title. All 100 cover almost any relationship issues and behaviors a teacher might encounter during his/her tenure and is presented in a way that makes for positive relationships. They are about you the teacher and how you can be more impactful in each student's life.


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