Hack The Hiring Process And Develop A Team of Exceptional Educators

Teacher shortage is not exclusive to the United States; it is a global issue that affects many countries around the world. While the severity and specific causes may vary from country to country, the shortage of qualified teachers is a concern in numerous educational systems worldwide.

High levels of job dissatisfaction and burnout are significant factors leading teachers to consider leaving the profession. Other factors include a lack of support and professional development opportunities, insufficient mentoring and guidance for novice teachers, and a lack of opportunities for career advancement can leave teachers feeling stagnant and undervalued.

As school leaders it is our job to combat these issues and get teachers excited to be in the classroom. To this, we need to hack the hiring process, and incorporate the qualities of superstar teachers so educators are inspired to be back in the classroom. 

To build the best school community we want to fill our schools with superstar teachers. A superstar teacher is someone who is passionate about teaching and who is committed to helping students learn. They come in every day ready to face the challenges presented to them. They have built positive and respectful relationships with all of their students, treat their kids as equals, and are motivated to see all students succeed.

Superstar teachers are experts in their content area, and they are able to make learning engaging and relevant for students. They challenge students to take leaps of faith and help them accomplish things they never thought possible. Students are at the center of learning, and they embrace a variety of teaching methods to meet all students' individual needs.

In addition to being experts in their content area and effective communicators, superstar teachers are also creative and innovative. They are always looking for new ways to engage students and to help them learn. They are willing to take risks and to try new things. Superstar teachers are also resilient. They are able to handle the challenges of the job, and they are able to stay positive and motivated even when things are tough. They are also able to work effectively with other teachers, administrators, and parents. Acknowledging that all teachers are superstars, we promote teacher appreciation and inspire a love for teaching. 

There some things that need to be changed in the hiring process to give opportunities to superstar teachers. It first starts with the job description. Have teachers create a detailed job description that highlight all the aspects of a superstar teacher. There is no one better to create a description for a job than someone who is currently doing it. 

So many superstar teachers are overlooked during the hiring process because we don't follow the age old saying, "Don't judge a book by it's cover." It is still important to evaluate a cover letter and resume, but allow at least three times the number of candidates you want as finalists to come in for a quick interview. 

During interviews, stop using questions that have a correct answer. Ask situational questions that give candidates the opportunity to demonstrate flexible and judicious thinking. Consider handing out the list of potential questions before the interview. Give candidates every opportunity to succeed so you can see the best in every person. 

By using these simple hiring hacks and recognizing superstar teachers, you can have exceptional educators throughout your school. Superstar teachers are essential to the success of our students. They are the ones who make a difference in the lives of students, and they are the ones who help students reach their full potential. By hacking the hiring process and filling your school with superstar teachers that motivate students to learn, you will build a community that fosters a love for learning.

Main post image by Sora Shimazaki via Pexels

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