10 Ways Great Leaders Inspire Learning That Teachers, Students, and Parents Love

By Joe Sanfelippo and Tony Sinanis

In the runaway bestseller Hacking Leadership, renowned school leaders Joe Sanfelippo and Tony Sinanis bring readers inside schools that few stakeholders have ever seen – places where students not only come first but have a unique voice in teaching and learning.

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Sanfelippo and Sinanis ignore the bureaucracy that stifles many leaders, focusing instead on building a culture of engagement, transparency, and most important, funHacking Leadership has superintendents, principals, and teacher leaders around the world employing strategies they never before believed possible.

“The authors do a beautiful job of helping leaders focus inward, instead of outward. This is an essential read for leaders who are, or want to lead, learner-centered schools.” — George Couros, Author of The Innovator’s Mindset


Customer Reviews

As a school superintendent, I'm always looking for the next great book study for our administration team and this one did not disappoint. It's an easy read and every chapter has practical "what to do tomorrow" strategies that are easy to implement but offer high-impact. The conclusion, "Be Like Water," was inspiring and memorable. I definitely recommend this to any school administrator who wants to build relationships with staff and students and to remove any barriers for school success.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and found it to include very practical information. It is a book that should be read by any educator looking for ways to inspire students, teachers, staff, parents and the community. Each chapter or "hack" provides such insight, practical information, advice and great quotes, making it hard to stop reading the book and wanting to learn and do more. The real life examples they provide make this a powerful book. I recommend it for anyone looking to bring about some positive changes in the classroom and school.


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