5 Must-Do's for Teachers Before Summer Ends

As summer vacation nears its end, it's time for teachers to start preparing for the new school year. While the break offers some well-deserved relaxation, taking care of essential tasks before summer concludes can ease the transition back into the classroom. Here 5 things you should do before going back to school. 

  1. Reflect on the Past Year. Take some time to reflect on the previous school year. Consider the successes, challenges, and valuable lessons learned. Reflecting on your experiences will help you grow as an educator and identify areas for improvement in the upcoming year. Ask yourself:
    • What went well last year?
    • What was you favorite thing about last year and how could you replicate it?
    • What is something you could improve upon this year?
    • What is something, as a teacher, that you may need to change? 
  2. Revamp Your Classroom. Before the school year starts, spend time revamping your classroom. Organize and declutter your teaching materials, rearrange the furniture, and add new decorations to create an inviting and engaging learning environment for your students.
    • Organize your desks into groups that can be used as learning centers. Design centers that align with your curriculum.
    • Create a reading corner where students are free to choose any book from your classroom library and sit and enjoy. Have beanbags and other comfortable places to sit while students are enjoying independent reading.
    • Design a place in your classroom for anxious students to step away from all of the chaos and unwind. Having this space is a good way to manage your classroom without interruptions. 
  3. Connect with Colleagues. Stay connected with your fellow educators over the summer. Collaborate on ideas, discuss best practices, and share resources. Networking with colleagues can provide valuable insights and support throughout the school year.
    • Make an effort to get to know your students by connecting with their previous teachers. What subjects did your incoming students struggle with? What did your students excel in?
    • Review curriculum with your department. What is something that all of your students are going to need some more review on before they move forward? What content standards should you prioritize?
  4. Set Personal and Professional Goals. Establish personal and professional goals for the upcoming year. Whether it's improving student engagement, implementing new teaching strategies, or achieving a better work-life balance, setting clear goals will guide your focus and efforts.
    1. What is something you can do at home to destress?
    2. Is there a friend, family member, or colleague you can go to talk about your struggles? 
    3. Is there something at work that is contributing to your stress level?
    4. What do you love about job? 
  5. Enjoy Some Me-Time. While it's essential to prepare for the new school year, don't forget to enjoy some well-deserved me-time. Take a short trip, read a book, spend time with family, or engage in hobbies that bring you joy and relaxation. Recharge your batteries to start the year with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

As summer draws to a close, teachers have a valuable opportunity to prepare for the upcoming school year. By taking the time to plan, organize, and recharge, teachers can enter the new school year with confidence, enthusiasm, and a renewed passion for teaching. So, make the most of these final summer days, and here's to a fantastic year ahead!

Photo by Bich Tran via Pexels

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