How to Advocate for Students with Anxiety, Because What If It Turns Out Right?

Christine Ravesi-Weinstein

Clinical anxiety is on the rise, and educators are seeing more students struggling with the pressures of school and society.

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Whether you have anxiety or want to advocate for others, Anxious will change your thinking and encourage you to take risks in the classroom, and always ask, What if it turns out right?
Christine Ravesi-Weinstein shares stories and strategies to help you advocate for anxious students. From  her own experience as a teacher and administrator and someone with anxiety, she shows you how to:
  • Recognize when anxiety causes students to avoid assignments and skip class
  • Build relationships by asking questions first
  • Help students understand the body-mind connection and become self-advocates 
  • Create safe environments with authenticity, vulnerability, and routines

Customer Reviews

We all get anxious. Christine Ravesi-Weinstein outlines how clinical anxiety differs and how we can respond helpfully to others. She shares personal perspective and very clearly outlines what can be done to minimize the impact anxiety has on those who suffer from it. Not only does Weinstein describe what we can do but also shares what only escalates an anxious mind.

When you know better you can do better. Student anxiety is more and more prevalent. “Anxious” gives educators the necessary clarity on how anxiety works and how we can reduce the control it has our learners. This book is written for every educator, not just counselors and social workers.

Christine Ravesi-Weinstein's book is the key to unlocking the door for educators to help those students who are living with anxiety. It provides successful strategies for helping their students create a balance so they can move forward. It is based on life experiences and true stories that give examples of what works, what doesn't, and why. It gives details on how to help students find stability to make decisions and choices. Strategies range from such topics as interpersonal communications, classroom management, and providing meaningful experiences that are engaging. This book promotes practices that encourage students to express themselves and self advocate to ease the isolation that anxiety can bring. The author helps you see into the mind of an individual with anxiety to give you an understanding of how you can provide alternatives and opportunities for them to be successful with their learning. I highly recommend this book to help educators equip themselves with the skills to help students with anxiety, because what if it turns out right?



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