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Mark Barnes is a longtime educator, author, and entrepreneur. An avid reader and researcher, he became interested in–perhaps even a bit obsessive about–health, fitness, and longevity when he joined the After-50s club in 2014. Mark has written 10 books, including ROLE Reversal (ASCD, 2013), Assessment 3.0 (Corwin, 2015), Hacking Education (Times 10 Publications, 2015)--the first book in the internationally-renowned Hack Learning Series–and Hacking Life After 50 (Times 10 Publications, 2023)--the first book in the Hack Learning Life Series.

Mark enjoys date nights with Mollie, binge-watching Star Trek with Ethan and Lauren, talking sports with his four closest friends, AKA The Dudes, and listening to audiobooks. He also loves fantasy football and co-founded his league in 1990, making it one of the longest-standing fantasy football leagues in existence today … at least, according to Mark. Follow him on Twitter @markbarnes19 and on Instagram at markdavidbarnes.

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