Learn from The Past And Move Into Modern Teaching

As we continue to reflect on the COVID-19 pandemic, it is fair to say that education has changed entirely. It is almost impossible to go back to where we were before the pandemic because students and teachers have changed so much.

The ways students learn and the ways teachers adapt continue to change each year. It is time to stop trying to revert to old ways, and start learning from out past to become modern teachers. Throughout the past five years we have learned so much on what does and doesn't work for students. It is time we put our new knowledge to good use and modernize teaching. 

There are key qualities that every teacher needs to posses to move into modern teaching. With these qualities teachers can foster a love for learning and motivate students to be engaged. Modern teachers have: 

  • Passion for teaching: A good teacher is passionate about their subject matter and about teaching. They are excited to share their knowledge with their students and to help them learn. These teachers have a positive outlook on the future and will do anything to keep their students motivated, engaged, and learning. 
  • Knowledge of content and pedagogy: One of the biggest things we learned during the pandemic is that students are going to have questions. You want to be a master in your content ready and prepared for any questions students may throw at you. Modern teachers are readily available to students and happy to answer questions. A good teacher also has a deep understanding of how people learn. They know how to structure lessons in a way that is engaging and effective.
  • Technological fluency: A true modern teacher understands the value of digital literacy. They know how to use technology to enhance learning and to make their lessons more engaging. These teachers use technology effectively and strategically so students can get the most out of a lesson. 
  • Ability to connect with students: A good teacher is able to connect with their students on a personal level. They build relationships with their students and create a classroom environment where students feel safe and supported.
  • Adaptable: A modern teacher is always ready to change. When something goes awry one day in the classroom, a good teacher can get things back on track even if it means mixing up your lesson plan. These teachers change their practices to fit the needs of students. 

During the pandemic and over the course of the past five years, the ability to keep students engaged has gotten much more challenging. Keeping students engaged is much more than keeping students busy. As modern teachers, we need to change practices to focus on the needs of students and motivate them to want to learn. 

The Importance of Differentiated Instruction

One of the most important things that a modern teacher can do to keep students engaged is to differentiate instruction. This includes using a variety of teaching methods, giving students choices in their learning, making sure learning is student-centered, offering extra help when needed, and tailoring your lessons to meet the needs of every individual student. 

Students no longer can sit and listen to teachers talk all day. Modern teachers need to embrace student-centered learning activities that keep students engaged in the material at all times. Utilize project-based learning, multimedia instruction, and student choices in their learning to keep them engaged. 

The Importance of Technology in the Classroom

As more educational resources are being developed, the way we use technology in the classroom has to develop as well. Technology can be a powerful tool for learning. It can be used to enhance instruction, to provide students with access to information, and to connect students with other learners around the world.

Students are familiar with technology and many prefer using it as a learning tool than listening to their teacher lecture. You can find a way to use technology in all subjects. There are online simulations for math and science, a near infinite amount of resources on anything history and English related, and several other online learning games or platforms that teachers can use. Read this article about several digital learning strategies that you can use in your classroom

When used effectively, technology can be a valuable tool for learning. However, it is important to use technology wisely and to make sure that it is appropriate for the students you are teaching.

The Importance of Building Relationships with Students

The most important thing that a teacher can do is to build relationships with their students. When students feel safe, supported, cared for, and taken seriously, they are more likely to be engaged in learning.

Get to know your students on a personal level. This means understanding what their home life is like, their interests besides school, their aspirations, and understanding how they learn. Know what your students are working towards and support them.

When teachers take the time to build relationships with their students, they create a positive learning environment where students feel safe and supported. This, in turn, leads to increased engagement and learning.

Read more about becoming a modern teacher and bravely moving into the future of education in Hacking Modern Teaching

Every day teachers are learning something new about themselves, their students, and how the classroom is evolving. Being a modern teacher is a challenging but rewarding profession. Embrace what was good about teaching in the past and move forward to modern teaching. 

Main post image by August de Richelieu via Pexels

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