6 Ideas to Empower Student Leaders in School Libraries

School libraries are essential learning spaces for students of all ages. Your school's library is much more than a space for students to checkout books. It is a space that fosters a love of reading, provides countless resources, and can offer services and help that might not be available elsewhere in school. 

In addition to providing access to resources and services, school libraries can also be great places to foster student leadership. By providing opportunities for students to take on leadership roles, school librarians can help students develop the skills they need to be successful in college and beyond. Here are just a few ways you can use your school library to empower student leaders. 

1. Student-Led Library Committees

At many schools, the librarian is the only staff there is in the library. This problem can be hacked by inviting student volunteers to take part in library committees. These committees can be responsible for organizing events, creating displays, curating book recommendations, and planning library initiatives. The students on the committees can work in the library as well. Maybe to your surprise, there are several students who wouldn't mind offering a helping hand in the library. Students can offer help to peers who are in the library, reshelve books, and work the checkout desk if needed. 

2. Peer Mentoring Programs

Peer tutors and peer mentors are a common thing in schools today. Make your school library the hub of peer tutoring and mentorship programs, so students have a designated space to get help from their peers. In addition to one-on-one help, have students host workshops for different subjects and classes that multiple students can attend. 

3. Student-Led Book Clubs

At its core, the library is a space for reading. Book clubs provide an excellent opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills while fostering a love for reading. Offer the library as a place for students to hold a book club. By allowing students to lead book discussions, choose reading materials, and facilitate meetings, they can take ownership of their reading experiences and inspire their peers to explore new genres and authors.

4. Library Ambassadors

Designating library ambassadors who represent the library in various school events and activities is an effective way to empower student leaders. These ambassadors can be responsible for giving tours, organizing book fairs, promoting library programs, and advocating for the library's importance within the school community. At the next PTA meeting, open house, or fundraiser have student leaders attend to show off the library. 

5. Technology Leaders

In the digital age, integrating technology into the library is crucial. Empowering student leaders as technology mentors can bridge the digital divide and enhance digital literacy within the school community. These student leaders can assist in managing library databases, teaching digital skills to their peers, and exploring innovative technologies that enhance the library experience.

6. Social Media Advisors

Using social media as a learning tool is something that many educators are becoming familiar with, but as educators we can still use social media as social media. Have students run a school social media account from the library. This is the ideal place to help students better understand how various social media formats can be used to their advantage. Students can post updates about the school and library through various social networks as they learn. Having a school social media account builds community and enhances your school's culture. 

Portions of this idea were excerpted from Hacking School Libraries

Empowering student leaders within school libraries not only transforms the library space but also nurtures a generation of confident, independent learners. By providing these opportunities for student leaders, we not only create a culture of active participation and ownership but also foster essential skills such as communication, critical thinking, and teamwork. Let us embrace the power of student leadership in school libraries and witness the positive impact it can have on the entire school community.

Main post image by khamkhor via Pixabay

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