10 Ways to Incorporate Library Media Centers into Your Learning Community

By Kristina A. Holzweiss and Stony Evans

In Hacking School Libraries, 2015 School Librarian of the Year, Kristina A. Holzweiss, and 2017 Sensational Student Voice Award finalist, Stony Evans, bring you 10 practical hacks that will help you create a welcoming and exciting school library program.

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They show you how to rethink your library to become the hub of the school community, whether you are a veteran librarian or just beginning your career.

“When I learned that Kristina and Stony were writing a book to fit into one of my favorite series, I was so excited and couldn’t think of a better duo to do so! School librarians will find Hacking School Libraries such an amazing read and resource in so many ways. The hacks found in this book are terrific for any grade level and will help guide librarians to make a difference in their library, school, and community!” –Shannon McClintock Miller, Teacher Librarian and Iowa Future Ready Librarian Spokesperson


Customer Reviews

I'm a prospective library media specialist and this book gave me so many great ideas that I can use when I hopefully begin working in the field someday. I really liked how the chapters are laid out and common concerns and staff pushback are addressed with realistic ways to overcome challenges in the library. A must-read for any new (and probably even seasoned) school librarian.

So excited to have this book. Especially love the "What you can do tomorrow" section. Gives all new librarians a starting place and a compass to what is important to get students and staff into the library. Along with all the books I am reading for my MLS degree this book also gives common sense advice and techniques that update the space in a library. I am lucky that the librarian before me had this vision- maybe she read this book- and I can just continue to follow in her footsteps to "Hack the School Library!"


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