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Challenges of 21st Century Learning: the Inaugural full-day WBK Live Event

The very first What's Best for Kids event, including 6 sessions and 5 hours of video content, featuring authors and experts from Times 10 Publications and Johns Hopkins University. Sign up now for FREE instant access to this and all WBK events, shown below.

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Strategies for Blended, Hybrid, Livestream, and Distance Learning

In another What's Best for Kids webinar, Hacking Flex Teaching author Hollie Woodard, an award-winning public school teacher and tech coach, offers solutions and strategies that apply to all classrooms, including blended, hybrid, livestream, and distance learning. Get tons of impactful ideas in 50 fast-paced minutes. 

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Drawing is about more than pretty pictures. 

In this What's Best for Kids webinar, Shveta Miller discusses the following questions and offers solutions to common pushback. Join the conversation with your own insights. 

  • Isn't everyone already using student graphics to assess learning?
  • Do you know the effects drawing has on memory retention?
  • Is it unfair to propose drawing as an assessment tool to those students who can't draw?

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Engaging Instruction With Learning Centers for Grades 6-12

Learning Centers are a great way to engage secondary school age students. Join authors Starr Sackstein and Karen Terwilliger as they explain the most effective uses and outcomes of small-group instruction for students in Grades 6-12. 

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Build Student Engagement and Inspire Authentic Learning with Modern Teaching

In this What's Best for Kids webinar, Mike Roberts, an award-winning middle school educator and instructional coach, offers modern teaching hacks to help today’s teachers:
  • Build flexible learning supports to maximize student success
  • Offer multiple ways for students to demonstrate authentic learning
  • Understand where students are socially and emotionally
  • Communicate in simple, authentic ways
  • Deliver learning in small doses to increase engagement

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Educators rave about What's Best for Kids Events 

Just want to let you know how much this work is appreciated. It is great when there is an opportunity to interact and share successes across many topics. It provides rich experiences for us to connect. Thank you! - Lena Marie Rockwood

Grateful for this training experience... especially good to learn where participants' heads were at... to see their comments and understand what takeaways they were receiving from the training and from other participants.  Thanks much! -Lynne Mainzer

Liked the sessions.  Enjoyed the topics.  Energy was good.  Well organized.  Great commentary from leadership. -Paul Dedinsky




"At Times 10 Publications we have always focused on giving busy educators practical solutions so you can do What’s Best for KidsOur premier virtual events are an extension of that promise, with students and their needs at the center."