Sarah Strong Times 10 Author

Sarah Strong is the co-author of Dear Math (Times 10, 2022). She loves hearing people's math stories. She has taught math to grades 6 through 12 at High Tech High in San Diego, and she also works for the High Tech High Graduate School of Education, teaching Math Methods and Advanced Math Pedagogy courses and supporting the new math teachers in the organization. 

She has led workshops on Project Based Learning in mathematics, student-centered assessment, and alternative grading systems. After designing and facilitating a project on math identity in 2017, Sarah grew interested in the ways students told stories about their experiences in math class. Ever since, she has been accumulating these beautiful stories and using them to design classroom experiences that center students wholly.

She loves camping with her husband and their 9-year-old and 11-year-old, and she is a runner and a bread baker. She and Gigi Butterfield are co-authoring the book Dear Math, to be published by Times 10 Publications in 2022.

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