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Dear Math

Why Kids Hate Math And What Teachers Can Do About It 

By Sarah Strong and Gigi Butterfield 

In Dear Math, a 15-year veteran math teacher and one of her high school students address concerns about negativity concerning math.

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Digging into the feelings math evoked in hundreds of middle and high school students—that math is unnecessary, oppressive, and intimidating—they explore ways to spin student expressions of unworthiness into an antidote.
Using Dear Math letters, as well as other strategies from Sarah Strong and Gigi Butterfield, you can help students build a healthy and whole relationship with their inner mathematician.
Learn how to use the most important skill of all—listening—to help students discover: 
  • The empowerment of math
  • The importance and usefulness of the subject
  • How to find fun instead of failure
  • The beauty of mathematics in practice

Readers rave about Dear Math!

"This is one book you will want to read sooner rather than later! The approach taken by Sarah Strong, an educator attempting to gain an understanding of her student’s relationship with Math, is innovative and can be used in other content areas."

"This isn't just for those that teach math, but for those that have avoided math because of our own personal experiences. There are tons of resources, ideas, and practical activities to try in your classroom. What a great read!"

"II can apply those techniques not only to math, but my English classroom as well. I plan to start the year having my students write their own Dear Math letters."

"I could not put this book down. It is that rare combination of story and practical advice, grounded in the real words and worlds of students."


Authentic Dear Math letters from students

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