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Jeffrey Benson has over forty years of experience as a teacher, mentor, and school administrator. His passion is supporting schools to be more successful with more students. He is an internationally known author, including the books “Hanging In–Strategies for Working with the Students Who Challenge Us Most;” “Ten Steps for Managing Change in Schools;” “Teaching the Whole Teen: Everyday Practices that Promote Success and Resilience in School and Life;” and “Improve Every Lesson Plan with SEL.” 

Jeffrey is often hired to lead school change initiatives, facilitating interdisciplinary teams that convert long-standing dilemmas into cutting edge growth and community building, and creating more inclusive school and classroom cultures. He is a member of the ASCD faculty, is frequently published in education journals, and speaks at conferences on such topics as working with challenging students, integrating SEL into everyday practices, and the science of learning and teaching. His website is JeffreyBenson.org.


Books from Jeffrey Benson