Imagine your school with no student discipline problems.

Now, learn how to turn that vision into reality.

Hacking School Discipline TOGETHER

10 Ways to Create a Culture of Empathy and Responsibility Using Schoolwide Restorative Justice

When educators are not responding collaboratively to student behaviors, schools can succumb to a frustrating culture of ignoring or punishing, in which both students and adults struggle. Now, you and all stakeholders can eliminate any school discipline problem.

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In 2019, international bestseller Hacking School Discipline brought restorative practice to teachers and students around the world and paved the way for educators to end the school-to-prison pipeline.

Today, Hacking School Discipline TOGETHER from veteran teacher Jeffrey Benson is helping all stakeholders create a schoolwide restorative justice system that will change the culture of schools around the world forever!

This sequel to Hacking School Discipline, featuring all new content, provides a roadmap for schoolwide staff unity, compassion, consistency, and restorative practices that do far more than send students to detention and suspension.


As soon as you begin reading this book, you will know that longtime teacher and principal Jeffrey Benson understands schools, educators, and students in ways few others can. Through chapters that pull you into the story of a school shifting to a culture of restorative practices, you will learn to:

  • Fix the chronic structural flaws in routines and practices that make it harder for students to do the right thing.
  • Take positive actions when working with a student who is struggling to behave well.
  • Clarify the role administrators must play in addressing significant misbehaviors.
  • Learn the critical steps for integrating a student back into the classroom.
  • Prevent misbehaviors more often than react to them.
  • Understand how important it is for all staff to be pulling in the same direction and how to make that happen.


This book uniquely speaks to administrators guiding a school to a culture of restorative practices, to staff members longing to help all students learn from their impulsive decisions, and to teachers creating classrooms that foster responsibility, forgiveness and accountability.

We can change the status quo in which the adults in a school are independently making stressful decisions with struggling students, and students are concluding that their biggest mistake was being caught.

Instead, follow the roadmap to a school where administrators increasingly trust staff and staff increasingly trust administrators, and students get the benefit of what we do best: educate.

Buy your own copy of Hacking School Discipline TOGETHER, and then be prepared to buy copies for your colleagues. You’ll want everyone to realize the possibilities of schoolwide discipline rooted in accountability, compassion, and restoration.


Praise for Hacking School Discipline Together

"Hacking School Discipline Together acknowledges the very real demands teachers and administrators face when dealing with discipline and offers practical and doable solutions that can be implemented immediately and systemically. Benson also takes time to address common areas of pushback respectfully and logically, helping administrators make the case for building a status quo of restoration instead of a culture of punishment."

          -- Robyn Jackson, author of nine books including the Bestselling Never Work Harder Than Your Students and the Award-Winning Never Underestimate Your Teachers

“Veteran educator, Jeffrey Benson, draws from a career of more than 40 years as a teacher and administrator to offer sage and practical advice for dealing with disruptive student behaviors. His book is unique in that it goes beyond describing specific discipline strategies for individuals by offering a blueprint for collective action via a systemic, schoolwide approach to handling infractions with consistency and empathy. One could spend 30-40 years acquiring the wisdom he offers... or you could read this valuable book."

               -- Jay McTighe, world renowned education consultant and bestselling author of Understanding by Design

"Jeffrey Benson says, 'We get accustomed to dysfunction,' and he‚Äôs right. That‚Äôs human nature (and a survival skill). But he believes that thoughtful attitudes and systems can improve student behavior. His book,¬†Hacking School Discipline Together, is a treasure trove of practical ideas and strategies to help students learn and work as productive members of the community. His ‚ÄúWhat you can do tomorrow‚ÄĚ sections, for example, provide realistic and reasonable strategies for addressing difficult situations. This book would be a terrific tool for faculty conversations and collegiality.

               -- Thomas Hoerr, national presenter and author of Fostering Grit

 "They say that storytelling is data with soul, and Jeffery Benson is truly a master storyteller. Get ready to sit back and enjoy learning what a school did to shift from a culture of frustration and stress to an environment of power, respect, and cooperation for both students and faculty. You’ll love all the practical tools Jeffery provides as he relates these real-life experiences."

               -- Margaret Searle, national consultant and author of Solving Academic and Behavior Problems

‚ÄúHow much time and energy is expended in schools every day dealing with discipline issues? Too often, schools don‚Äôt have systems and structures that allow for fair and consistent support for kids who struggle with behavior. And without clear systems, the adults become dysregulated right along with the kids. Thank you Jeffrey Benson for offering practical and wise guidance for schools to help adults and kids navigate these tricky waters! This book is a much-needed resource!‚ÄĚ

               -- Mike Anderson, award winning teacher and bestselling author 


Beautiful, easily digestible content


Hacking School Discipline TOGETHER is not a 2nd edition. This new HSD is a sequel, packed with all new problems, hacks, and real examples of how schoolwide restorative justice works. Whether you've read the first HSD or not, HSD TOGETHER is the school discipline blueprint you've been waiting for.


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