10 Solutions for Your Blended, Hybrid, or Distance Learning Classroom

Hollie Woodard

Create one flexible lesson format to use in any virtual setting, subject, or grade level
Education and technology have merged, forever changing the way we teach and the way students learn. Teachers need guidance in this flexible world of education technology to create one lesson format that streamlines teaching, engages students, and elevates learning outcomes.

By Hacking Flex Teaching on Amazon 

In Hacking Flex Teaching, author Hollie Woodard, an award-winning public school teacher and tech coach, offers solutions and best practices that apply to all virtual classrooms, including blended, hybrid, livestream, and distance learning. Learn how to:
  • Harness technology for digital and learning equity
  • Build an engaging classroom culture, regardless of environment
  • Navigate the gradual release of responsibility to create personalized learning
  • Strategize planning by choosing the least amount of work, in the least amount of time, for the best possible learning outcomes
  • Choose instructional and assessment strategies that match your teaching style and meet the needs of all students

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You can sense the urgency she felt to change to meet the needs of her students during the pandemic. We all felt this. Fight, Flight, or Freeze? Which path will you choose? Woodard chose to fight.

Woodard's book is a practical and approachable guide to finding success in the future of education in every setting and level. It is like no other book currently on the market. Written from a wealth of experience prepandemic and empathy for the technophobic, Woodard provides tips and strategies for every teacher.


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