Hacking Deficit Thinking

8 Reframes That Will Change the Way You Think About Strength-Based Practices and Equity In Schools

Are you focused on what's wrong with your students? This focus on weakness is a pervasive, powerful judgment that continues to harm students long after they leave school.

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It’s time for educators to hack deficit thinking, think about SEL and about strength-based teaching, and reframe teaching and learning. Nationally certified school psychologists McClure and Reed show teachers, administrators, and support staff how to unlearn student blame and reframe thinking to focus on students' strengths. In Hacking Deficit Thinking, you’ll learn how to:
  • Build on student strengths
  • Think about student empathy
  • Humanize your data
  • Recognize the value of differences
  • Think about teacher empathy
  • Talk about equity in schools
  • Tap into school-wide strengths
  • Flourish as an educator
Ready to reframe your thinking and go from what's wrong to what's strong? Read Hacking Deficit Thinking today.

Readers are loving Hacking Deficit Thinking

"Finally a book outlining a strengths-based approaches to education! We CAN focus on identifying what works for the child, instead of focusing on what is "wrong" with the child. Language is powerful and these children need us (educators, parents, service providers, etc.) to be the change. By focusing on what a child can do, and using those strengths to set goals to help address a particular need, teachers and parents can provide their students with greater opportunities for success. This then fosters higher self-esteem, self-determination, and self-efficacy!

Please read and share with everyone you know! Job well done Kelsie & Byron!"

"Want to be stopped cold in your tracks in the very best of ways? Then grab "Hacking Deficit Thinking" today! Educators constantly look for ways to get better, improve their craft, their outlook, their skills and their positive impact on kids. This read will propel you forward quickly and effectively by helping you change your mindset and your habits. Authors Byron and Kelsie have created a must-have for every educator's tool kit. This quick and impactful read guides you through the steps to take to reimagine your thinking and action from "What's Wrong?" to "What's Strong?" I personally enjoyed this book immensely and have already implemented some of these practices with immediate results. Grab yours today and start creating positive impact in your spaces and places now. Read. Lead. Inspire. Today."



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