Hacking Deficit Thinking

8 Reframes That Will Change The Way You Think About Strength-Based Practices And Equity In Schools

By Byron McClure and Kelsie Reed

Transform learning by reframing your view from what’s wrong too what’s strong.
“At risk.” “Low.” “Title I kids.” If you’ve worked with students, you’ve probably heard or said these coded labels that reflect deficit thinking. This focus on weakness is a pervasive, powerful judgment that continues to harm students long after they leave school. It’s time for educators to hack deficit thinking. 
Nationally certified school psychologists Byron McClure and Kelsie Reed show teachers, administrators, and support staff how to unlearn student blame and reframe thinking to focus on student strengths. When we acknowledge the impact of teaching practices and the broader structural inequities, we can help everyone reach their highest potential.
In Hacking Deficit Thinking, you’ll learn how to: 
  • Build on student strengths
  • Humanize your data
  • Recognize the value of differences
  • Tap into schoolwide strengths
  • Flourish as an educator

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