Byron M. McClure Times 10 Author

Byron M. McClure is a National Certified School Psychologist and Founder of Lessons For SEL, where he uses research and human-centered design thinking to build empathy, ideate, co-create solutions, and design equitable resources that put the needs of children front and center. He formerly served as the Assistant Director of School Redesign at a high school in Southeast, D.C., where he was responsible for leading and reimagining what Social Emotional Learning looked like within an inner-city community.

His work centers on influencing systemic change and ensuring students from high-poverty communities have access to a quality education. Dr. McClure has extensive knowledge and expertise in mental health, social emotional learning, and behavior.

Dr. McClure has done considerable work advocating for fair and equitable discipline practices for all students, particularly for African-American boys. He has designed and implemented
school-wide initiatives such as SEL, restorative practices, MTSS, and trauma responsive practices. As a result of this work led by Dr. McClure, his school recently won the 2019-2020 Whole Child Award.

Dr. McClure has presented across the country as a panelist, featured speaker, and keynote speaker. He believes in maximizing everyone’s limitless potential.

Dr. McClure’s book, Hacking Deficit Thinking, which he co-authored with Dr. Kelsie Reed was published by Times 10 Publications in 2022.

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