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Even More Hacking Engagement

50 New Ways to Make Learning Fun for All Students

By James Alan Sturtevant

Boost your student engagement 

If you and your students aren’t approaching your class each day with excitement for the new ideas and learning surprises you’re about to experience, then it’s time to hack your student engagement. 

This four-decade veteran classroom teacher knows how to engage learners, and he’s sharing his best ideas with you. Author James Sturtevant wrote Hacking Engagement and Hacking Engagement Again, and now he’s back with 50 new ways to make the classroom fun for everyone. In Even More Hacking Engagement, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Use tech to show pizzazz
  • Improve your verbal and nonverbal presentation skills
  • Add anticipation and intrigue to each day
  • Make assessment engaging
  • Inspire kids to build higher-level thinking
You can implement these tips and tools starting tomorrow! When you apply Sturtevant’s strategies, your class will become the one they don’t want to miss. It’s time to engage.

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