The authors of Hacking Project Based Learning are back with


Real Questions. Real Answers. How to Unpack PBL and Inquiry 

Ross Cooper and Erin Murphy

Countless educators from across the globe would love to leverage project based learning to create learner-centered opportunities for their students, but, believe it or not, PBL has yet to go mainstream.

If project based learning can benefit so many students, why isn’t this approach the norm in teaching? Because educators have questions.

Since the release of their first book, Hacking Project Based Learning, Ross Cooper and Erin Murphy, prominent PBL experts, have connected with thousands of PBL practitioners.

Project Based Learning is Cooper's and Murphy’s response to the most common, and most complex, questions educators ask about PBL and inquiry, including:

  • How do I structure a PBL experience?

  • What do I do while the kids are working?

  • How do I get grades?

  • How do I include direct instruction?

  • What happens when kids don't work well together?

  • How do I manage the chaos?

Project Based Learning answers these questions, and more, to show you how to do PBL and inquiry the right way, in any subject or grade.


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