10 Easy Steps to PBL and Inquiry in the Classroom

By Ross Cooper and Erin Murphy

As questions and mysteries around PBL and inquiry continue to swirl, experienced classroom teachers and school administrators Ross Cooper and Erin Murphy have written a book that will empower those intimidated by PBL to cry, “I can do this!” while at the same time providing added value for those who are already familiar with the process. Hacking Project Based Learning demystifies what PBL is all about with 10 hacks that construct a simple path that educators and students can easily follow to achieve success.

Hacking Project Based Learning is a classroom essential. It's ten simple ‘hacks’ will guide you through the process of setting up a learning environment in which students will thrive from start to finish.” — Daniel H. Pink, New York Times Bestselling Author of DRIVE


Customer Reviews

The book is written with a sense of urgency and clarity. After reading this part: "We are preparing students for a globally competitive world where their abilities to think on their feet, solve problems, and innovate will be valued far more than the number of facts in their heads." I am even more motivated to get a greater handle on the purpose, and best practices of implementing a project-based learning classroom. Also, the authors provide soooo much support through schoology. This book is A MUST HAVE! Add it to the front shelf of your teacher resource library!

I am an experienced Science teacher and now teacher educator. I always did a lot of project-based work with my students because there is where they can be the most challenged, engaged, and themselves.

I have read lots of books on the subject, and find most helpful, but ultimately disappointing. But not this one. Hacking Project Based Learning does several things well at the same time. It creates a powerful context for the work that needs to be done. It provides teachers with the tools they need to do it properly and effectively. And it talks about the possible resistance from students and colleagues and how to respond.

I plan on using this great book with some of my teacher education classes.



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