50 Teacher Tools That Will Make Students Love Your Class

By James Alan Sturtevant

50 Student Engagement Hacks just weren’t enough. 33-year veteran classroom teacher, James Alan Sturtevant, wowed teachers with the original Hacking Engagement, which contained 50 Tips and Tools to Engage Teachers and Learners Daily.

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Those educators and students got better, but they craved more. So, longtime educator and wildly popular student engager Sturtevant is Hacking Engagement Again!

“This book is packed with ideas that can be implemented right away: Some creatively weave technology into instruction, others are just plain creative, and all of them are smart. Plus, the QR codes take the reader to so many more fantastic resources. With this book in hand, every teacher will find ways to freshen up their teaching and make it fun again!” — Jennifer Gonzalez, Bestselling Author, Speaker, and CEO at CultOfPedagogy.com


Customer Reviews

This Hacking Engagement book, like James's first one, is so powerful in the simple yet creative ideas to make one's classroom a place for students to learn. As James states in the Introduction, grab the book utilize it as a cookbook and go through the Table of Contents to make tomorrow's lesson so much better. The integration of technology, collaboration, student choice, and student voice makes this Hacking Engagement book essential to any teacher's tool box. This is a #MustBuy.

The Hacking Education series makes my heart so happy. After reading Hacking Engagement (the first book) I was blown away. I found so many ideas to immediately begin implementing in my class. My students and I both enjoy these hacks and use them often. I didn't think the book could be topped as it is one of my favorite PD books and I still refer back to it often. THEN Sturtevant announced on his Hacking Engagement Podcast that Hacking Engagement was going to have a sequel! As Jim says in his podcast, "I was all over it like a cheap suit". I bought it, read it, loved it, recommend it to all teachers, and use the hacks daily. I am never disappointed by a Hacking Education book. Love them all.


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