50 Tips & Tools to Engage Teachers and Learners Daily

By James Alan Sturtevant

Unlike other education books that weigh you down with archaic research and impossible-to-implement strategies, Hacking Engagement by James Sturtevant provides 50 unique, exciting, and actionable tips and tools that you can apply right now.

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Try one of these amazing engagement strategies tomorrow:

  1. Engage the Enraged
  2. Create Celebrity Couple Nicknames
  3. Hash out a Hashtag
  4. Empower Students to Help You Uncover Your Biases
  5. Avoid the Great War on Yoga Pants
  6. Let Your Freak Flag Fly
  7. Become a Proponent of the Exponent
  8. Trade Blah, Blah, Blah for Zen
  9. Transform Your Class into a Focus Group

Are you ready to engage?


Customer Reviews

This book will surely get you excited about teaching! I cannot speak highly enough about the quality of ideas and every one of them are absolutely fantastic! I jumped in right away applying them to my classroom (4th grade) and the kids loved everything but especially the hashtags, naturally! Pull out your highlighter/pens/and notebooks and be prepared to take lots of notes. And of course, Mark Barnes makes it so easy to start using these hacks right away in his, “what you can do tomorrow” section. Highly recommend this entire series, you won’t be disappointed!

Looking for creative ways to engage learners? These easy access “tips and tools” from Jim Sturtevant is a great resource book packed with creative ideas to step away from traditional approaches. The integration of QR (quick response) codes helps teachers both model and incorporate technology to enhance student understanding. Sturtevant’s examples of techniques such as building an Avatar to get to know students, using youtube videos to unleash dynamic ways to discuss “Class Procedures … Night at the Improv” or role play in literature circles to promote student interactions and energy. The “hack” titles alone are entertaining and draw the reader to quickly embrace novel ideas to engage oneself and one’s students. I have been renewed and inspired by these hacks and am ready to try a new one tomorrow!


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