AI is terrifying teachers! Before you dismiss it as education's newest evil, learn how to harness it safely and prepare students for an AI-driven future.

AI Goes to School

How to Harness Artificial Intelligence in Education to Prepare Students for the Future

(And make you an even better teacher)

By Micah Miner

In an era increasingly driven by generative AI, the divide between tech advances and traditional classroom instruction is widening. Even worse, many students are already using these tools without fully understanding their ethical and societal implications.

How can educators prepare themselves and their students for an AI-abundant future? AI Goes to School has the answer.

Education thought leader Micah Miner provides the context and understanding to help educators and administrators learn about generative AI technology and take the vital first steps to apply these tools in the classroom. 

Administrators will be empowered to guide their school or district’s academic procedures and policies and to apply these tools in teaching, learning, and communicating.

AI Goes to School tackles the fundamental challenges head-on, offering educators an ethical and practical roadmap for integrating AI into their classrooms. Confidently explore generative AI tools that produce text and images, delve into AI art, and confront the controversies surrounding their use in K–12 education. Learn how to:

  • Navigate ethical frameworks and data privacy in education
  • Understand AI's capabilities and limitations
  • Choose AI tools that align with your teaching goals
  • Incorporate AI literacy in your instruction
  • Leverage AI for personalized learning and administrative tasks
  • Understand the impact of AI tools on writing instruction and assessment


Navigate the challenges and potential of tools such as ChatGPT-4, Google Gemini, Microsoft Copilot, and Anthropic Claude 3, transforming them into assets for deeper, more meaningful human connections and more effective student learning. 

You'll feel empowered, not overpowered. If you're ready to confidently and skillfully navigate the future of AI in education, NOW is the time to learn. Our students deserve nothing less. 

Grab your copy of AI Goes to School today and seize this opportunity to be at the forefront of educational innovation.


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