Write a Hack Learning Life Series book 


How To Craft Your Proposal

Times 10 Publications is accepting book proposals for our new Hack Learning Life Series. Please review our book proposal guidelines and topic interests below. Grab a Life Edition sample Hack at hacklearninglife.com

Send us an elevator pitch, a TOC, and at least one chapter

  1. Start with the elevator pitch (see a sample below). Keep it brief.
  2. Give us a draft of your book's Table of Contents, including main chapter titles and subtitles and a one- or two-sentence annotation that helps us understand the thinking behind each chapter.
  3. Give us a draft of at least one chapter of your book--preferably NOT the introduction or conclusion. (It can be pretty rough at this point.)
  4. Give us some biographical information about you: your experience, writing samples, social media links, and anything else you believe we should know about you.
  5. Email your proposal to us here. In the subject field write: Life Edition pitch

Book topics that interest us

  • New (not trendy) business leadership ideas
  • Strategies to help LGBTQ and other marginalized people
  • Helping women continue their fight for equality
  • Unique health, fitness, and longevity strategies (or at least a fresh perspective)
  • Mental well-being
  • Prison reform (restorative justice, ending recidivism, reducing prison populations) 
  • Strategies for people suffering from trauma (this might be a series within a series)
  • Small business/startup/entrepreneurship strategies (numerous possibilities here)
  • Progressive political ideas (we're interested in edgy, NOT radical, ideas for reform) 
  • Communication: strategies to make people better speakers and listeners (this could be one or more books)
  • Other: your hacky idea not listed here

Email your proposal here: be sure to tell us your pitch is for a Life Series book

Hack Learning Life Series elevator pitch