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Hacking Assessment Webinar

How to De-Emphasize Grades and Create Meaningful Feedback in any Space

Unlike your traditional slideshow webinar, Times 10 Roundtable is an engaging, interactive conversation, providing real stories and powerful tips and tools from in-the-trenches experts--all part of the Times 10 Publications family.

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Starr Sackstein

Starr is arguably the world’s leading authority on the no-grades classroom. She is a longtime teacher and author of several education books, including the bestselling Hacking Assessment: 10 Ways to Go Gradeless in a Traditional Grades School. Starr is National Board Certified and was a 2016 Emerging Leader with ASCD. A global voice of change in how learning is assessed, Starr co-moderates the Teachers Throwing Out Grades Facebook group.

Melanie Kong

Melanie is a high school STEM and Entrepreneurship teacher, presenter, and a former engineer. She helps teachers and students to solve problems in their communities and leads professional development for project-based learning, design thinking, and engineering education. Melanie is co-founder and CEO of Floop Edu, a feedback platform that helps teachers give feedback 4x faster and teaches students how to give, receive, and use feedback to learn.

In another Times 10 Roundtable Webinar, Mark Barnes discusses 21st-century assessment with Hacking Assessment author Starr Sackstein and co-founder of Floop Melanie Kong. If you're struggling with grading or providing ongoing, meaningful feedback in or out of school, this webinar is perfect for you.

Learn how to:

  • provide fast, efficient, ongoing feedback for students
  • provide assessment without grades
  • teach kids to observe and assess their own learning
  • handle district assignment and grade mandates in ways that benefit all stakeholders
  • use applications, like Floop, to create a feedback loop between teachers, parents, and students

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