How to Personalize Professional Learning for You and your Students

Michelle Blanchet and Darcy Bakkegard

Buy it on Amazon January, 2021

The world is changing fast, and education hasn’t caught up. Teachers know schools need more innovation, change-making, and relevance. But HOW?

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Blanchet and Bakkegard grew tired of everyone telling teachers what to fix without sharing the “how,” so they created easy-to-use professional development tools and strategies to help teachers think like startup entrepreneurs.

Using a visual, interactive format, The Startup Teacher Playbook helps teachers tackle challenges, turn their ideas into action, and tap into their potential to lead change in the classroom, school, and community.

This book reveals how to evolve your teaching and learning to serve the changing needs of students, use professional learning and meeting time to break down challenges and create solutions, and cultivate your leadership capacity to take your ideas further than you ever imagined. 


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Editorial Review

Like so many educators, I have ideas, I have problems to solve, but I struggle to come up with solutions or to see any of my great ideas come to light.  I am SO INSPIRED after working through the Educator Canvas!  I realized that I literally had 17 tabs open at once as I worked through understanding my problem and finally landing on a solid solution. The canvas provided a guide to design an end product. -Mekca Wallace Spurgin, Ed.D 

Customer Review 

The Startup Teacher Playbook is a much needed tool for the teaching profession. Student engagement is so very important in the classroom and this book encourages teacher engagement. If teachers are involved in professional development that engages and motivates them, they will in turn be more likely to promote student engagement by following the outstanding ideas presented in this book. Students will fare much better in the hands of well trained and inclusively involved teachers that are fed well professionally during well planned collaborative professional development workshops! The authors of this book are aware that many professional development presentations are just that; presentations. This handbook provides teachers and administrators with the tools to conduct and attend workshops that are inclusive of the attendees/presenters. This is a fresh approach to professional development for educators and it is long overdue! Bravo to the authors as this book is in a easy to read format for the busy educator to pick up and use! This is a must have for giving life to your school as you plan professional development! Gift it to your administrators, school board, fellow teachers, and anyone in the field of education. They will thank you!


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