A Journal for Teachers

Dorothy VanderJagt


A Journal for Teachers to Pause, Write, and Reflect
to Create a Calmer, More Purposeful Life

This journal is meant for you, the teacher, because you deserve it. By giving yourself Permission to Pause for a few minutes each day, you gain clarity on your priorities and unravel what is worth nurturing and what you can let go.

Your time is precious, and journaling is an investment in yourself. Veteran teacher, presenter, and author Dorothy VanderJagt brings you this 80-day journal with prompts to help you develop greater self-care and mindfulness. Daily journal pages include areas to:

  • Focus on your self-care
  • Write what you are thankful for and why
  • Reflect on how you make a difference
  • Jot down an action to become a more mindful educator (ideas included)
  • Free-write your thoughts



Drop your best email below, and learn more about self-care and a Journal for Teachers


Drop your best email below, and learn more about self-care and a Journal for Teachers

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Now, more than ever, educators need self-care, reflection, and inspiration. VanderJagt provides the perfect mix of prompts and open space for you to express yourself any way you like. I love giving myself permission to pause every day.

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