Kendra Nalubega-Booker Times 10 Author

In her role as an education leadership executive, Kendra Nalubega-Booker collaborates with K-12 and higher education leaders to bridge the technology gap and create equitable learning experiences for all students. She is a PhD candidate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaignā€™s Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Her research focuses on evaluating policies and practices connected to the examination of Black literacies in the US educational system, with an emphasis on language and culture.

KendraĀ is a published author, whose research explores the examination of Black literacies in the U.S education system, specifically African-born immigrants. She is also a Diversifying Faculty in Higher Education (DFI) fellowship recipient.

Kendra Nalubega-BookerĀ is the author of Hacking Culturally Inclusive TeachingĀ (Times 10, 2023).

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