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9 Ways to Foster Resilient Learners and Assess the Process, Not the Outcome

By Elizabeth Jorgensen

Traditional outcome-based grades make school a place of right or wrong answers, a rigid system that stalls enjoyment and learning. In contrast, innovative teachers of all subjects and grade levels use process-based assessment to build positive classroom cultures and help students focus on the learning, not the grades.
Award-winning writer and teacher Elizabeth Jorgensen shows how to create process-based assessments that help students develop habits of higher-order thinking. It is about embracing, trying, failing, and trying again, and turning “What did you get on the test?” into “How did you get that on the test?” 
In Hacking Student Learning Habits, you’ll learn how to:
  • build upward trends in non-linear learning
  • introduce small, measurable, progress-driven goals
  • de-emphasize grades as the outcome
  • create fun in the learning
  • inspire students to develop high-yield habits for life

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Readers love Hacking Student Learning Habits

"This book is a quick read that offers practical ideas on how to work with students to build environments that take the spotlight off outcomes like grades and standardized test scores. Can we help students focus more on the 1000s of choices they are making every day instead of their g.p.a? Yes we can. Can we help students understand that mistakes and failure and necessary for learning? Yes we can."

"What about students who resist? What about administrators who focus only on grades themselves? Jorgensen has answers there too. She offers ideas and approaches to motivate even the most challenging students. She has tips for reframing negative classroom dynamics. She has ideas for nurturing cooperative group and individual mindsets. And she has suggestions for working within the confines of school board requirements to implement an approach that teaches every student how to truly learn. Highly recommended for teachers at all levels, all subject areas."


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