8 Ways to Teach Higher-Level Thinking with Comics and Visual Storytelling

Shveta V. Miller

Teaching with comics increases engagement, but the ultimate value is in helping your students look with care, see possibilities, consider alternatives, ask nuanced questions, show their thinking, and bravely tell stories they would not have told in any other medium.

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Hacking Graphic Novels offers new ideas and practical tools for educators of all subjects, grades, and experience levels with sequential art. Author Shveta Miller, a teacher leader and global advocate for teaching with comics, shows teachers how to:

  • Guide students to look at visuals slowly with curiosity, open-mindedness, and intention
  • Develop independent learners who explore the possibilities and real-world applications
  • Encourage students to think, process, and express their understanding of complex systems and ideas
  • Help students escape the comfort zone and productively struggle in the growth zone
  • Inspire colleagues, administrators, families, and students with the power of visual texts

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Shveta Miller uses her expertise and classroom experience to communicate strategies for incorporating comics and graphic novels into your classroom instruction at any grade level. She has given practical examples of mini-lessons and activities that you can start on day one. This book addresses improving inference skills and encourages re-reading and close-reading. Shveta also gives strategies or "hacks" to help educators address any "push back" that they might encounter among parents, students, co-workers, and/or administration when implementing each strategy. Even if you have no experience using or reading comics or graphic novels, this book will help you start to implement various reading strategies to help with reading comprehension and encourage student engagement.


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