Times 10 and ACE-Ed Launch Equity Recognition Partnership

We are proud to announce that Times 10 Publications and the American Consortium for Equity in Education (ACE-Ed) are teaming up to promote and honor change-makers around equity in education. ACE-Ed's Excellence in Equity Awards will honor

leaders, authors, and educators whose tremendous efforts are helping schools achieve equity everywhere.

Times 10 Publications will help these change-makers share their efforts and ideas with the world in the following ways:

  • We will present one Equity Awards winner with a publishing agreement and a $2,500 advance royalty payment.  
  • All educators chosen as honorees by the Excellence in Equity Awards will be invited to submit a book proposal to Times 10, to receive special attention from the Times 10 editorial team. 
  • All educator honorees of the Excellence in Equity Awards will receive their choice of one free e-book from the Times 10 Publications library. 
  • Times 10 will select one winner in each of the 10 educator award categories to receive their choice of five print books provided to their school!

Please submit nominations NOW, before the September 30 deadline, at www.ace-ed.org/awards.

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