Racism harms our students. Help your school do better.


8 Step To Building a Framework for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Your School

By Symone James Abiola

“Anti-racist education requires us to develop the courage to have tough conversations and the motivation to do what is best for students even in the face of discomfort and controversy.” Symone James Abiola

Inclusive, affirming, and high achieving–these are all fundamental aspirations for schools that strive to create an environment where students thrive. Yet racism continues to impact these ideals and establish racial disparities. How do we engage in the foundational work of addressing racial inequity as well as uplifting students to be their best selves and preparing them for the diverse world around them?

First, we commit to doing what is best for all students. Second, we develop a strong foundation of anti-racism by looking inward and outward and actively addressing key areas for growth within our school. We must:

  • Create a sustainable leadership structure
  • Support staff in their growth as anti-racist educators
  • Increase the racial diversity of educators by providing supportive spaces
  • Cultivate classrooms that are inclusive and meet the needs of all students
  • Develop meaningful opportunities for family engagement
  • Intentionally plan ways to ensure the longevity of anti-racist work

Making changes in a school can be challenging. However, systematically addressing these key areas using the steps in this book will give you clear guidance and practical strategies to meet your school's needs. Believing that racism is wrong is not enough. We must take actionable steps to address racial inequities within schools … as educators it’s our highest responsibility to the students and families we serve.

Use this guide to actively address the impact of racism and bias in your school and provide an empowering educational experience for all students.


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