Understanding Apathy, Engagement, and Motivation in the Classroom

By Adam Chamberlin and Sveti Matejic

Everyone has a breaking point--that moment when you say, "I just can't do anymore." What if you had a superpower that helped you identify that precise moment--the Quit Point--in every single student? This book gives you that power and more--the ability to stop students from quitting forever!

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Quit Point–the authors' theory on how, why, and when people quit and how to stop quitting before it happens–will transform how teachers reach the potential of each and every student.

Quit Point reveals:

  • The best way to plan and assess learning to discourage quitting
  • Interventions to challenge students to keep going
  • How to experience a happier, more fulfilling, teaching experience
  • Applications and toolkits to help you address students' Quit Point, starting tomorrow

Customer Reviews

This book encourages us to look at determination, resilience, and success in different and more inclusive ways. It also reminds us that even successful people sometimes need to change direction- or quit- if the path they are on is not working. Rubrics included in the book are useful tools for shifting attention to areas like "student ownership", "collaboration", and "task value". This book can help educators reframe their practice.

Chamberlin and Matejic focus on a timely question that is especially relevant to me as a HS teacher: what makes students quit? Based on research and their own classroom experiences, they discuss both the reasons students give up, either on an assignment or on learning altogether, and the ways teachers can motivate students to return from the quit point and - more importantly - help prevent them getting to the point of quitting in the first place. Full disclosure: I already apply many of the strategies they suggest in my teaching practice, which in some ways disappointed me (why aren't they more effective, then?). What I lacked, and what they've identified as their own missing piece, is the understanding that quitting and effort rationing don't look the way we think. By recognizing when students are starting to disengage or quit sooner, we can intervene more effectively.


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