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5 Teaching Strategies That Turn Writer’s Workshop Into a Maker Space

By Angela Stockman

Everyone’s favorite education blogger and writing coach, Angela Stockman, turns teaching strategies and practices upside down in the bestselling, Make Writing.

She spills you out of your chair, shreds your lined paper, and launches you and your writer’s workshop into the maker space! Stockman provides five right-now writing strategies that reinvent instruction and inspire both young and adult writers to express ideas with tools that have rarely, if ever, been considered. Make Writing is a fast-paced journey inside Stockman’s Western New York Young Writer’s Studio, alongside the students there who learn how to write and how to make, employing Stockman’s unique teaching methods.

“Offering suggestions for using new materials in old ways, thoughtful questions, and specific tips for tinkering and finding new audiences, this refreshing book is inspiring and practical in equal measure.” — Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, Author and Teacher


Customer Review

A fantastic introduction to how to bring students out of a quiet, in-your-seat drafting process and into a collaborative, dynamic manifestation of their thinking/writing! I'm looking forward to trying out these ideas in my class this fall! Quick, inspirational: just the kick-in-the-planbook you need to start the school year!



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