Leaning into the Soft Skills of Leadership

By Jessica Cabeen

With technology, we interact with families, students, and staff 24-7–not just during the school day or working hours. Pressures and demands at work can sway who we are and how we do it into a personality that favors more likes than the authentic interactions that are needed to establish deep relationships with the students we are serving.

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We need grace more than ever. Throughout this book, you’ll read stories and strategies that will allow you to walk away with key practices and exercises that will build confidence so you can extend grace with others. School leader, author, and keynote speaker Jessica Cabeen provides frames that will empower anyone–teacher, principal, parent, or superintendent–to lead with grace:

  • Snapshot: story of grace in action.
  • Grace defined: a description of the skill and how to strengthen abilities to lead.
  • Grace in practice: ways to grow in the soft skills in your daily interactions with others.
  • Grace in action: Challenges for you to create ways to put this practice in place tomorrow.

Customer Reviews

I love this book for many reasons. For starters, every page is filled with excellent strategies that helps readers towards leading authentically. The author, Jessica, is honest about her leadership journey. Second, it's written by a woman who knows herself and leads powerfully. She reminds readers to not aim for perfection while encouraging leaders to not compare their beginnings with someone else's middle or end. That alone helped me shift my mindset and focus on being my best. Leading authentically means being the best version of you. This book will help you develop a growth mindset. I am a huge fan. Buy this book for yourself and gift it to a friend. The content is powerful, applicable, and inspiring. Highly recommend it.

Jessica Cabeen shares some powerful insight into how to use grace and soft skills to build relationships and find the natural leader in all of us. From the moment I opened this book, I could not put it down. I felt like Jessica was speaking directly to me, and in such a way that it was like having a welcome (yet moving) chat with a good friend. Her inviting nature and candid sharing keeps you interested and touches your heart in such a way that you want to do better. It is a book that provides such useful information, and not only is filled with Lead Forward strategies, but also ties in mindfulness with chapter ending journaling opportunities that allow for reflection and growth. I cannot wait to put some of her strategies into action! No matter what your role or job, this book should be on everyone’s bookshelf!!


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