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33 Extraordinary Ways to Create a Contemporary Curriculum

By Michael and Elizabeth Fisher 

Whether you want to make subtle changes to your instructional design or turn it on its head—Hacking Instructional Design by Michael Fisher and Elizabeth Fisher provides a toolbox of options.

Discover just-in-time tools to design, upgrade, or adapt your teaching strategies, lesson plans, and unit plans. 

These strategies offer you the power and permission to be the designer, not the recipient, of a contemporary curriculum.

Students and teachers will benefit for years to come when you apply these engaging tools starting tomorrow.

"The hacks on prioritizing and unpacking the standards is a critical skill for teachers to master, as I feel that teachers interpret the standards in many ways resulting in different content being delivered."     -Brian Ruhmann


Reader Review

Nothing gets me more excited than a new book in the Hacking Learning series. These books have profoundly bettered my teaching experience and have renewed my passion for entering my classroom each day. Hacking Instructional Design does not disappoint, packed full of ways to create a curriculum students are bound to love and succeed in. I love the suggestion to curl up with your standards like a kid with ice cream and dig in. :) The real world tips and, “what you can do tomorrow,” take the guesswork out and allow you to start now transforming your teaching no matter what point in the year you are at. In short this is another must-read from one of the best teaching series out there.



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