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Innovative Solutions for Teachers and Leaders

Edited by Mark Barnes

Anthology brings you the most innovative education Hacks from the first nine books in the Hack Learning Series.

Written by twelve award-winning classroom teachers, principals, superintendents, college instructors, and international presenters, Anthology is every educator’s new problem-solving handbook. 

It is both a preview of nine other books and a full-fledged, feature-length blueprint for solving your biggest school and classroom problems.

"They wrote these books for one reason...to help others be successful in the most simple way possible. The ideas are fantastic and their online presence is outstanding. Give one of them a try...I promise that you will be hooked!" --Tara Brown


Customer Review

Good overview of Hacking Education ideas. Thanks to publisher Mark Barnes for giving away e-copies! The book is a compilation of representative chapter taken from the Hack Learning series of books, and it's a great way to get a taste of what the series is about. Two of the chapters really stand out for me. Teach Students to Self-Grade, a chapter pulled from Hacking Assessment, is worth buying the book for. I went from "What??!" to "That makes perfect sense and is just what students need to empower them." The observations on creative writing process in the chapter from Make Writing gave me usable ideas that I will implement immediately, and it only took 5 minutes to read. So, definitely, take a look at this collection! You may find, like me, that it makes you want to buy the other Hack Learning books as well. Busy teachers need workable ideas presented as simply and concretely as possible, and Hack Learning delivers.



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