Intentional Strategies for Impactful Leadership

By Sanee Bell 

Excellence is a journey where one discovers who they are, what they value, and the principles that drive them. Pursuers of excellence are able to see barriers as obstacles that they can overcome. In fact, it is those barriers and challenges that strengthen them in their pursuit of excellence.

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Being Excellent on Purpose means not making excuses but making a plan for life and working the plan to make it a reality. Longtime teacher, author, presenter, and school leader Sanee Bell shares personal and professional stories and strategies that will make your own leadership both intentional and impactful, in the inaugural book in this revolutionary new leadership series.


Customer Reviews

Looking through the table of contents, I knew this book would be a good read. Take a look at this quote from the intro, "Create, Innovate, Elevate. always be learning. Always be listening. These are the qualities of someone who leads forward."mWhat a wonderful quote to begin the book with. Each chapter recognizes these qualities and gives great thoughts on how to provide feedback, tell stories, empower student voice, and the list goes on. A great read to have with the school year soon to begin. Excellent first book in the new Lead Forward series!

I found this book to be a wonderful resource. Sanee Bell offers strategies which can be utilized by any individual who is overseeing a groups of individuals-not just a school leader. Teachers who lead classrooms, teacher leaders, team leaders, and others who work in the school. She offers strategies which, when utilized allow individuals to become better versions of themselves so that they can focus on goals and lead others successfully. I found this book to be extremely beneficial and I would recommend it to others who have a passion continue progressing & growing.


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