Your Roadmap to Being the Teacher They Never Forget

By Chuck Poole

Veteran teacher, blogger, podcaster, and presenter Chuck Poole provides 10 destinations that will give you the inspiration and knowledge you need to take action and impact students in and out of your classroom.

Along the way, you will learn how to:

  • Create the kind of learning environment that students will enjoy
  • Remain positive and love every student you teach, even on days when this seems impossible
  • Encourage student ownership and embrace failure as a strength, providing feedback that leads to success
  • Find a work-life balance and build an inner circle of colleagues you can trust
  • Teach forward: make your content contagious and define your purpose as a teacher
  • Use goal cards, monthly mingles, and other practical strategies that are the foundation of the inspirational teaching
  • Be resilient, so the rigors of teaching never stop you from completing your mission

Customer Reviews

I love that The uNseries is written by a teacher for teachers who want to build those relationships with students that make them an uNforgettable teacher. The book doesn't just talk about what Chuck has done to be an amazing teacher, but he gives realistic ideas to implement to improve every teacher's classroom. If you are looking for ways to become an uNteacher this is definitely the book for you!

I became a public middle school teacher five years ago after a varied career in business management and supervision. I gladly worked with children and teenagers in various organizations for many years and enjoyed the building of relationships with young people and encouraging them to be their best every day. However, once I began teaching, I realized the potential to make a significant impact in the lives of students. I did not intentionally set out to become an uNforgettable teacher, but it has happened more times than I can number. It never occurred to me that even difficult students would appreciate the bridge building and finding of connections that is an important part of what I do each day. My first year was a disaster of my own making, and yet, because i do not run from challenges, I did have some lasting impact with my students. Each year has gotten better, and I have become more comfortable with who I am as a teacher. I know that I could not have been the same kind of teacher when I was younger and raising my own children. I found the place that I needed to be to have significance, meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in my life each day. This book can serve as a blueprint for you as a teacher to help you polish those relational skills or to begin a new phase in your teaching career. Teachers can make a phenomenal impact with their students. I see it every day. Thank you, Chuck Poole!



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