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Increasing Students' Hope Coefficient

By Ryan Scott

The academic gap between our highest and lowest income students has persisted for over 40 years, despite investing billions of dollars in teaching pedagogy. Likely, we spent all that money focusing on the wrong things when we needed to look at the psychology first. 

Ryan Scott describes the science behind Hope Theory and shows how hope is a prerequisite to success—and a skill that we can teach. 

In Raising Our Students' Hope Coefficient, you'll learn how to increase hope by focusing on goals, way power, and will power. It’s important now more than ever because:

  • Trauma and poverty decrease our students’ Hope Coefficient
  • Learned helplessness drastically reduces learning motivation
  • In trauma recovery, hope is the single best predictor of well-being
  • Hope increases attendance rates, grades, and test scores
  • Even when controlling for natural ability, hope increases academic performance

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