Unleashing the True Potential of Introverts

By Chrissy Romano Arrabito

The grade level or content you teach doesn’t matter, you will have them sitting in your room: the introverts, the quiet kids, and the not-so-quiet, but introverts just the same. They don’t cause trouble and, for the most part, they earn good grades.

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These are the kids that tend to fade into the background and slip through the cracks. The ones who are so often overlooked or in some cases misunderstood.

In LeadForward Series Book number 3, Chrissy Romano provides a guidebook to help you better understand the nature of all types of introverts, allay the many misconceptions about them, and to provide some useful tips and strategies to help these students reach their full potential. Quiet Kids Count is a call to action for educators to step up and meet the needs of ALL learners–not just the ones that command the most attention in your schools.


Customer Reviews

As someone who is NOT an introvert - this book was incredibly enlightening. In running a lot of professional learning, this book gave me insight into not just students - but educators as well. For the classroom, this book helps us understand those students that may flourish in different ways than we do, how to make them comfortable yet engaged, and work to better meet the needs of the introverts that we support! Quiet Kids Count is an excellent read and tool for your educator toolkit!

This is a must-read for any teacher and administrator. This book will help teachers identify the difference between shy kids and introverts (not necessarily the same). Once you have identified the introvert(s) in your class you will be able to utilize and put into practice the tips/strategies here in the book to help your introverts shine in your classroom and quite possibly help your extroverts with their learning as well. In addition to helping the introverted students, administrators can learn about their introverted staff members and how to make sure that their voices are heard. A great read that I know will help me make an impact in my current role.



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