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Reimagining Teacher Mentorship

By Suzy Brooks & Matthew X. Joseph

As modern mentors, how can we shift our practices as individuals or make widespread change happen in our systems? Mentoring is not the process of checking a box; it is the process of developing colleagues who eventually work alongside us in a challenging profession where collaboration, connection, and consistency are all so vital for our students.

Having a menu of strategies will ensure knowing exactly what you will get!  The goal of this book is to showcase ways to develop mentoring programs, designed to assist teachers in becoming strong mentors and to assist new teachers in getting the most out of their mentoring relationship.

Veteran educators, recognized school leaders, and expert mentors Suzy Brooks and Matthew X. Joseph bring you the Stories and Strategies that will help you turn novice educators into EduStars.


Customer Review

What makes this book different from other mentoring books is that Modern Mentor focuses on what a mentee really needs. It’s focus is on building a trusting relationship where the mentee is able to explore, ask questions, try new things, fail, and succeed. Being a mentor isn’t coaching on best practices, it’s being there 💯 for a young teacher to feel supported as they learn their new profession. I’m lucky to know the authors, Matthew X. Joseph and Suzy Brooks. It’s an honor to say they both walk the walk of being a Modern Mentor to everyone they know. They are true modern mentors making a difference for new teachers!



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