10 Strategies for Amazing Learning in a Standardized World

By Michael Fisher

Hacking the Common Core, longtime teacher and CCSS specialist Michael Fisher.

Fisher shows you how to bring fun back to learning, with 10 amazing hacks for teaching all Core subjects, while engaging students and making learning fun.

Fisher’s experience and insights help teachers and parents better understand close reading, balancing fiction and nonfiction, using projects with the Core, and much more. 

Hacking the Common Core provides read-tonight-implement-tomorrow strategies for teaching the standards in fun and engaging ways, improving teaching and learning for students, parents, and educators.


Customer Reviews

I really enjoyed this very practical and easy to read hacking book! Here is the thing, we tend to over-complicate this work and over react to change. This books reminds educators that there are some very basic principles, beliefs and practices that can help us move beyond the struggle. I love that he points out that relationships matter - care, collaborate, support, involve parents. With these easy hacks Fisher shares, based on his extensive knowledge and experience in the field, we can move beyond the negativity that has surrounding this work and do good work for kids!

A must read for teachers, administrators and even parents! Hacking the Common Core: 10 Strategies for Amazing Learning in a Standardized World, helped clarify several Common Core problem areas. As well as providing concrete "Hacks" to implement and upgrade student learning, Fisher encourages an open dialog on all levels. In my opinion, this essential, yet missing piece of communication between students, parents, grade level teachers and administration will ease future Common Core tension. I strongly recommend this book to those who are embracing the Common Core as well as those who are struggling with implementation. His ideas are relevant, helpful and thought provoking throughout grade levels and subject areas.



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