10 Problems That Need Solving

By Denis Sheeran

What if everyone of your students actually loved math? Now, you can make the impossible a reality, and your students will race to complete your math problems.

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In Hacking Mathematics, teacher, author, and math consultant Denis Sheeran shows you how to hack your instructional approach and assessment procedures, in order to promote an amazing culture of mathematical inquiry and engagement that very few students ever see.

“At the vacant intersection of Practicality and Personality is where you will find the long-awaited Hacking Mathematics!” — Sunil Singh, Author of Pi of Life: The Hidden Happiness of Mathematics


Customer Reviews

Highly recommended to all teachers, but especially math teachers! Denis Sheeran very simply and concisely explains how to increase efficiency and passion in your classroom environment. Some Hacks are like “hey-did-ya-know?” where Sheeran reveals internet teacher goldmines.. and other Hacks are pedagogical paradigm shifts.

The best part? Every single Hack can be easily implemented in any classroom.

I love the author's style of writing. It's fun and light and enjoyable. The hacks are awesome tools to make you a better teacher and create a more engaging classroom environment. There are clear descriptions of the hacks interwoven with details and stories of the hacks being implemented. I read through this book with my college-level classes in mind, but I think these teaching hacks can be used for teaching any level of math. I highly recommend this to any math teacher looking to improve. Hacking Mathematics is an awesome, positive, effective book! :)


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