26.2 Ways Teaching Is Like Running a Marathon

By Mike Roberts

After twenty years of teaching and more than fifty marathons, Mike Roberts is still chasing greatness. Now, he shares his experiences, while showing you, teacher and/or marathoner, how to run the most enriching race of your life.

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Roberts does a wonderful job of weaving together the challenges of teaching and the hard earned lessons that come with running many miles over a long period of time. You’ll read this book and be inspired to do more in both your running life and your classroom!”

–ADAM WELCOME, educator, marathoner, and author of Kids Deserve It! and Run Like a Pirate


Customer Reviews

I've seen Mike Roberts at conferences, and after his first presentation, I made sure to attend the annual conference if only for his presentation. He has genuinely great classroom ideas. I share them with my own university students, future teachers. It may seem at first that it's only practice and not theory but intrinsic to these ideas is a good working knowledge of interpersonal communication, educational theory, and human psychology. I play marathon bridge, 26 hands at a time. It's not running but also requires discipline and diligence. Thanks for investing in the time required to share and to teach teachers.

A good storyteller always tells their tale in an effortless simple way, catching the attention of the reader with an intriguing story that is easily recalled. This is Mike’s style of writing, concise, articulate, interesting, and creative. Each chapter begins with Mike’s own personal story of struggles/successes, then cleverly moves on to bites called “Aid Station”, “The Final Kick”, “The Cool Down”, “ Tomorrow’s Training Plan”, which neatly organize and summarize key concepts. The reader is able to reflect and implement smart strategizes that help the classroom immediately. I love the quote “…my goal in teaching was to improve my skills, in any way possible by 1 percent each day”. It helped me reset my goals in my classroom and my own personal growth. Chasing Greatness is an easy fun read! The highlighted quotes are wonderful inspirations and teacher profiles, a terrific bonus! Chasing Greatness is not just for educators. It is for parents, trainers, athletes, and anyone who wishes to gain personal growth. Fantastic!



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